The argument for the American constitutionalism that we teach from the thinkers that influenced the Founders, through the arguments of the Founding, to Lincoln.


The American Founding

Lectures and essays that cover the history of the Founding period and the Founders themselves.


Progressivism and the Administrative State

Lectures about the history of Progressivism from Dewey, Croley, and Goodnow, to Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Lyndon B. Johnson, and administrative state of the modern day.


Foreign Policy

Lectures on defense, national security, the military, international relations, or America’s relationship with another nation.



Lectures on education policy, common core, the liberal arts, or the philosophy of education.


Culture and Religion

Lectures on the arts, music, art, architecture, American exceptionalism, religious freedom, civic virtue, or the American character.


Politics and Political Reform

Lectures on elections, statesmanship, the conflict between progressivism and constitutionalism, its history, and how that conflict manifests itself in our political institutions.


Economics and a Free Society

Lectures on free markets, economic policy, the Federal Reserve, Dodd-Frank