Gary Wolfram


William E. Simon Professor of  Economics

Gary WolframGary Wolfram is the William E. Simon Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College and President of Hillsdale Policy Group, a consulting firm specializing in taxation and policy analysis. he received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a weekly coumnist for The Detroit News and author of A Capitalist Manifesto.





American Opportunity, Tax Reform and the Engines of Economic Growth
April 15, 2014  |  AWC Family Foundation Lecture Series

Economics 101: The Principles of Free Market Economics
Fall 2013  |  Hillsdale College Online Course



Your Money Back
July 5, 2010  |  National Review Online

The Road to Legalized Plunder
February 23, 2009  |  The American Spectator

Making College More Expensive: The Unintended Consequences of Federal Tuition Aid
January 25, 2005  |  The Cato Institute



Capitalist Manifesto



A Capitalist Manifesto