The Kirby Center hosts a number of programs to educate D.C. area professionals.

The James Madison Fellows program, open to senior level congressional staff and professionals by invitation only, features annual retreats, networking luncheons, and other special events that bring D.C. professionals together with prominent scholars and Hillsdale Faculty to discuss constitutional first principles and their role and application in American politics and public policy.

The Kirby Center’s Coffee with the Classics program, open to congressional staff of all levels, brings Hillsdale faculty and associated scholars to the hill for morning discussions of classic texts of the western liberal arts tradition with congressional staff.

To provide for more in-depth study of the great works of the liberal arts tradition, the Kirby Center also hosts half day seminars led by a member of its faculty. Recent seminars have covered Homer’s The Odyssey, Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and Cicero’s On Friendship.

The Kirby Center also takes D.C. area professionals out to its home campus in Michigan for multi-day retreats featuring seminars on politics and the liberal arts led by Hillsdale Faculty.