Let's Taft-Hartley Obamacare

Paul D. Moreno

Paul D. Moreno

It is increasingly clear that the Affordable Care Act is not going to be either completed or abolished, regardless of what happens in November or in any envisionable future election. It is locked in, but in a peculiarly limited way.  Read More on NationalReview.com >



Tall Cotton

John J. Miller

John J. Miller

‘I picked up running in the Army,” says Representative Tom Cotton from the backseat of a car as we drive out of Hot Springs on April 26. On most days he tries to jog five or six miles. When he’s in Washington, serving in Congress, he usually takes a route around the monuments or along the Potomac River. “Everywhere I look, I see construction cranes — the signs of a healthy and growing economy,” he says. “I see more construction cranes on my runs in Washington than there probably are operating in the whole state of Arkansas.” The Republican pauses to let the contrast sink in. “Who’s paying for that?” He gestures out the car window. “Taxpayers. The people you see here in Hot Springs.”  Read More on NationalReview.com >



Early Warnings: The Failure to Understand America's Vulnerability

Brian T. Kennedy



Hating the Constitution 101: The Common Core on the Nation's Founding

Terrence O. Moore

Is despising the Constitution and the men who made it one of the new “standards” in the Common Core State Standards that prevail over the curriculum and testing of public schools in forty-five states in the nation? A candid look at the documents of the Common Core will reveal that whatever the professed “standards,” there is a clear political agenda behind the façade of school reform.  Read More on Townhall.com >



The Tea Party, the Constitution, and the Future of Conservatism

Charles R. Kesler




Reining in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Paul D. Moreno

Paul D. Moreno

Elizabeth Warren was slated to be the first head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Senate Republicans stopped her confirmation, so now she is leading the charge to confirm Richard Cordray to that office.  Read More on NationalReview.com >



How to Investigate the IRS

Cleta Mitchell