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April 21, 2014 — 5 p.m.
Book Forum: Falling in Love with America Again
Jim DeMint & Larry P. Arnn

May 6, 2014 — 12 p.m.
Administrative Edicts or the Rule of Law: How Shall We Be Governed?
Philip Hamburger

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The Constitution Reader

The Constitution Reader is an interactive, searchable, and customizable website built around The U.S. Constitution: A Reader, a publication of Hillsdale College. In addition to containing a fully digitized and searchable version of the Reader, The Constitution Reader also contains:

  • The Topics that are most important to understanding American government
  • The key Debates between the Founders, the Progressives, and others
  • A database of Quotes drawn from the Reader
  • An illustrated Timeline of American constitutional history
  • My Library, a personalized database that allows you to save and track your favorite material from the site

Explore The Constitution Reader today at www.constitutionreader.com.



Constitution 201:
"The Progressive Rejection of the Founding
and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism"

A brand new 10-week online course from Hillsdale College.

This new online course taught by Hillsdale College professors will examine American progressivism: its historical roots and principles; its rejection of America’s founding principles and Constitution; its political successes in the New Deal, the Great Society, and recent years; the ongoing political debate between progressives and conservatives; and the chance of a constitutional revival.

Note: Even if you did not have a chance to finish our first course, you can still sign up for Constitution 201.

Hillsdale's first online course, "Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution," is archived.

Sign up for Constitution 101 today!


The U.S. Constitution: A Reader

Featuring 113 primary source documents, The U.S. Constitution: A Reader was developed for teaching the core courses on the U.S. Constitution at Hillsdale College

Order The U.S. Constitution: A Reader Today!

Also available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble NOOK, Google Play/Android, and in the Apple iBookstore!

The Signing of the American Constitution

Interactive Painting of the Signing of the American Constitution

by Sam Knecht, Professor of Art, Hillsdale College
from the Permanent Collection of the Kirby Center

View an interactive version of this painting, with delegate biographies, or read more about the painting and Professor Knecht.


  Welcome from Dr. Larry Arnn

The Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship is a project of Hillsdale College. The purpose of the Kirby Center is to teach the Constitution, the debate that brought it to life, and the principles that give it meaning. Continue reading…